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Superficial Division Among the Traditional Community

  Robert      March 16, 2022

Why are we so divided when we have bigger threats?

From my experience, in real life and moderating the Young Traditionalists Discord server, I’ve realized that we are too divided by superficial arguments to do anything meaningful. Traditionalist groups like ours are small and have a hard time reaching people, and I believe we could do better if we stop working against each other.

The people who want to see us fall love it when we are fighting amongst ourselves. This infighting is what’s going to make everything fall apart. There is a lot worse going on the world than what church someone goes to.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re Protestant, Orthodox, or Catholic. We need to stop fighting and come together under one Christian banner. If you cant let go of your dislike or hatred for people who don’t practice under the exact same denomination as you, then you need to relook your priorities. That mentality is what makes us look childish, and people wont take any of us seriously when they see it. When we come together and start fighting the real enemy, then you will see how pointless all this infighting is.

We have better battles to fight.

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