We are a Christian group of young Americans who wish to secure and protect our traditional values. We believe in restoring our culture, tradition, family, religion, and nation.

We are dedicated to self-improvement, discipline, faith, and national heritage. Our disciplinary values include improving our health and well-being, reviving strength and honor, restoring traditional gender roles, and "re-moralizing" ourselves to better our families, communities, and each other.


We are seeking young adults who want to see Americans return to traditional culture. This Christian community is a self-improvement group that seeks to re-moralize ourselves and our peers. The future of the United States is held by our generation, and we must work together to restore our traditional values. This part of the site will define our values, standards, and will provide insight as to who we are.


Our emblem is a heraldic eagle with three stars. Our three stars represent tradition, family, and nation.

Tradition is our culture. It includes returning to a simpler lifestyle, restoring American art and etiquette, bringing back Christianity, and reviving values our European ancestors developed for thousands of years.

Family is very important. We believe a family should consist of a male and a female. Children should be taught values and to respect their parents. We believe both the mother and father should hold America's traditions and culture above any other.

Nation means the United States of America. We strongly believe our homeland should be protected. We must stand together to protect our country from cultural subversion and all enemies of the state.

The heraldic eagle is a symbol given to men of action, occupied with high and weighty affairs. The wings signify protection, and the gripping talons symbolize ruin to evildoers. As a Christian symbol, the eagle represents salvation, redemption, and resurrection. Our emblem pays homage to the American Eagle, and represents our desire to restore tradition to our society.


We acknowledge our society has been demoralized and that most Americans in our age group entertain ideologies that appropriate questioning gender, sexual orientation, family, race, culture, and religion. We believe we should stand up against these ideologies, which are designed to cause more harm than good.

Our cultural enemies are attempting to create confusion, promote hedonistic and care-free behavior, destroy our national identity, turn Americans away from the church, control our media, and encourage the breakdown of family.

We believe that, by living the traditional lifestyle, we can put an end to these damaging abstractions. We can collectively raise our future children into this world with our traditional beliefs and family values. We should do what we can to encourage each other and our children to be leaders; in hopes that we can inspire and turn our communities into what they once were.


Our life should include disciplinary standards. As we escape modernism, we must re-moralize ourselves by returning to our Christian heritage. We set goals for ourselves, such as maintaining a healthy diet, ensuring we wake up early in the morning with a made bed, and sticking to a daily exercise schedule.

Most of us are young, and sticking to these standards is difficult. If we all collectively strive to improve ourselves by living our lives this way, it will come with ease for all of us. We are a disciplined community, and this way of life brings us honor. Our lifestyle is not to live less, but to live more fully.


Our ancestors built this great country from the ground up. They built our western culture over many generations, and it's our duty to carry on their legacy. With these ancestors walking behind us, we dedicate ourselves to the restoration of tradition, family, and nation. Return to your roots and join our community today.