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The Ideas that Destroyed our Families

  Rebecca      July 31, 2022

As young traditionalists, we weren’t brought up in a culture that supports our values. A lot of us had to acquire them for ourselves while we were searching for a way to make sense of the world. Even if we were brought up Christian, the media and the people around us, even some of those in our congregations, were influencing us to believe the lies of the devil.

The First Lie

What did the serpent say to Eve?

“For God knows that when you eat from it [the tree] your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.“ – Genesis 3:5

This was, of course, a lie. Adam and Eve already knew what was good and what was evil; God had told them. Being “like God” implied that you could not only know what is right and what is wrong but also decide what is evil and what is good.

Many people throughout the centuries were determined to find truth by rejecting God. The result are ideas that are destructive to our happiness and the stability of our families.

Every fifth gen Z adult identifies as a part of the LGBTQ community; almost everyone identifies as feminist and even if they don’t, feminist ideas have taken over women’s minds everywhere, even women who call themselves Christians.

We live in a world where if you ask somebody, “what is a woman?” and they say, “an adult human female,” they have taken a political stance. However, they have said nothing about the unique female capabilities. If you would ask somebody on the street, “what makes women spiritually different from men?“ most people in the western world today would have no answer and would even go as far as to assume that there are no spiritual differences. That is by design.


If you would ask a feminist what they believe, they would say that men and women are equal in worth. They are intellectually dishonest if they say that. What they actually believe is that men and women are the same and that any kind of distinction or difference in roles are sexist. That women are only successful if they take on traditionally male roles and that there is a power struggle between the sexes. Feminism is also closely connected to the sexual revolution of the 1960s, which promoted promiscuity both in men, and especially in women.

The key difference in male and female sexual behavior, the ability of becoming pregnant, was eliminated by birth control; but that was not enough for the feminists. They believe that abortion is a women’s right, because that’s one way for women to be more like men. They argued if men and women are spiritually the same why should they have to deal with something because of their physical differences. Following this belief system will always leave women unhappy, will make them try to compete with their husbands, and will make them feel unworthy and not good enough. Feminist know that, so they blame the unhappiness on “oppression” or “the patriarchy”.

These ideas are poison for the family. It denies women their nature and makes them feel like taking care of their family would not be honorable, but that it would be a hurdle that would keep them from true greatness. I know so many Christian women that say if they get married they’ll work part time and their husbands will too and they will split the chores around the house. If you ask them why, they say that they feel like the traditional gender roles are “oppressive” and they don’t just want to be a “woman.” If you ask them what they like about being a woman they will say that they don’t. Even though they probably know all the bible verses that prove them wrong, they have not guarded their heart from the influence of feminism.


Transgender activists have a different idea. They do believe that there are spiritual differences between men and women, but the spiritual part of you doesn’t have to be the same as your biological body and that the spiritual part of you makes you who you are and not your biological body. That’s how, in their mind, biological women can be men without changing anything on their bodies. Even if they try to dress up like the other sex, their eternal struggle will be feeling like you were born in the wrong body. If you ask them what the spiritual difference is, they can’t give you an answer. In a world without God, many broken souls have turned to transgenderism to help them feel happy and have instead only mutilated and castrated themselves, even if they have not experienced gender dysphoria (the mental illness that makes you feel like you were born in the wrong body).

I have a lot of compassion for those people that have this mental illness as I have compassion for anyone who has a mental illness. The facts show that affirming these wrong belives does not work, and sadly, the suicide rate pre and post transition is very high. Affirming any mental illness does not work. The worst part is the influence that this idea had on society.

Gay Marriage

In many western countries today, homosexuals are legally allowed to get married to each other and adopt children. They say there is no difference in them raising a child compared to a straight couple. This is another attack on the nuclear family, and it shows how far society has come; even abandoning the fundamental truth that a child needs a father and a mother.

How Feminism Destroyed our Culture

We had six decades since the modern form of feminism and the sexual revolution started it’s evil path towards becoming the cultural norm in the west, and the results show that it does not work. It broke apart our families and the shared morality that we used to have in the west.

Where we used to say to young woman that in the center of her life should be starting a family getting married and having kids, we now say; “go to college find a job that you’re passionate about, and that defines you,” or “have a career and be independent,” or “you can have a family later,” or “show everyone that you will make something of yourself,” or “show people that you’re smart and capable by joining the workforce.” Even better, “get a job in science and show those men that you can be just as good as them.”


Where we used to say, “save yourself for marriage and date,” with the intention to find out if you fit together for marriage. Now our culture says it’s natural to have sex. Just use protection and if something goes wrong, you can still abort. In our modern society, it’s normal for young girls to start “dating” in middle school and start having sex in high school.

Then, our society tells young women to have fun in college. This includes partying a lot and have drunken sex with whoever. “Explore yourself find out who you are and what you like in the bedroom! With all this experience, you should be able to choose who to settle down with easier.”

The truth is that a lot of girls are pressured into having sex young and to have abortions if something goes wrong. Having so many sexual partners and relationships that won’t last one after another creates trust and bonding issues and a lot of baggage.

Single Mothers

While young woman walked down this road, some can’t bring themselves to kill their children and so they are left to raise them alone and provide financially for them. A lot of children growing up in this way have difficult relationships with their fathers, if one is present, and bear their responsibility from a young age to care emotionally for their mother because they see how stressed out and overwhelmed she is. Also, as the mother lives alone with their child, it can happen easily that they will vent their problems to them, making the child even more responsible to take care of their mother.


Divorce is also a symptom of the disease of feminism. We used to know that marriage isn’t always fun. It was a bond formed for a lifetime, no matter what. For better and for worse, for richer and for poorer, in sickness and in health to love to cherish, until parted by death. This was not only romantic notion said on a whim. It was a motto for life. The biggest promise of loyalty.

Today we think differently about marriage. “Let us be together as long as you want the same things as me, as long as we make each other happy.” Marriage used to be like a very thick rope that you could grab and pull, it could get dirty or wet but it would still hold. Today we think of marriage as a sailor’s knot that should be as easy to undo as to do.

We think, “well, we didn’t find the right person. We weren’t mature enough the first time. We just chose wrong,” but the statistics show that the second, third, and so on marriages have exponentially higher rates of divorce than that of the first marriage.

We used to know that life is a lot of suffering and that’s why sticking together as a family is so importantand and why the well being of the family came first for every member. We also believed that men and women and children had different roles in making sure that everybody got everything they needed and that these roles were nature bound and predetermined.

Through feminism we have the attitude where “everyone fends for themselves,” with no inherent differences. Splitting the housework equally, both parents work, have your kids in any number of clubs and activities outside the home. After all that, there is really not much time to make sure that all are connected. Which is especially damaging for the emotional wellbeing of children. The self becomes the priority over the family because otherwise you’re oppressed. This attitude breaks families in the end.

How the Economy Changed

As our culture changed, so did the economy. When the culture demanded men to make enough money to take care of a mortgage, their wife and children, men were paid that. Globalism and women joining the workforce made labor a lot cheaper. Also, our jobs became more and more specified, and through automation, a lot of our jobs have fallen by the wayside and were replaced by jobs where you needed better training.

Today, the focus is about seeming smart. To make something out of yourself. This was very nice for the market that can adapt to that mindset of more and more college graduates. Back then the culture didn’t demand that a smart man could provide for their families but that all men who apply themselves could.

Woman joining the workforce in the nineteen seventies and eighties promoted materialism and fast food. They now have more money to spend on luxury goods and less time to cook. This is how feminism has made culture more vain, decadent and unhealthy. People started owning more things, being unhealthier, and having less time.

What Transgenderism will do to Our Kids

Even though transgenderism didn’t have six decades to show its ugly results, it is already being taught to preschoolers. We already live in a society that adopted through feminism the idea that men and women are the same in spirit and we forgot what the natural roles of men and women are. So when we ask what defines womanhood starting from little girls, there is only a stereotypical and superficial idea left. They say girls like to play with dolls, they like the color pink and boys like dinosaurs and the color blue.

Even though feminism destroyed our culture we didn’t learn how destructive bad ideas could be. We all could have known right from the start how seductive bad ideas could be. It started with Genesis 3:1 Now the serpent was more crafty than any of the wild animals the Lord God had made. He said to the woman, “Did God really say, ‘You must not eat from any tree in the garden’?”

Now it’s preschool teachers telling our kids, “could it be that if you like girl toys you are one? Isn’t it all about how you feel inside?”

They confuse our kids and if they take the bait, they give them a new name and new way to dress. The children want to do the right thing so they conform. Then they give them drugs and then they castrate and mutilate them. The saddest part is that if you don’t talk about it, most kids who have a feeling of gender dysphoria lose it after puberty; but these people don’t let them get there. Also, they put kids that most likely would have never turned to transgenderism when raised properly on a path that leads to a 40% suicide rate. And then, there are the stories of infection and the high probability that surgeries don’t really work. All just because people want to play god.

They are butchering healthy happy kids and we don’t need six decades to show us how awful it is.


In the end, it can be said that we have to follow reality if we want a life that is as happy as possible and a healthy family. The basics can be found in science and in the bible. Follow God or follow your own ideas; choose light or darkness; order or destruction; that is the only choice you have.

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